Office Policies

A to Z Children’s Dentistry

A to Z Children's Dentistry Office Policies

We are all aware of the tremendous need for dental services for the children of our communities. Providers at A to Z Children’s Dentistry are fulfilling that need.

Parental Presence in the Dental Treatment Area

  • Four years old & over

Most children 4 years of age and older are able to behave better if we let them focus on only the voice of the dental assistant or dentist. Therefore, we often request that parents separate from their child for a few minutes while the dental assistant takes X-Rays on exam visits and on treatment visits. At a treatment visit the brief separation often leads to the dentist being able to orientate the child and introduce the child to nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and the dental procedure in a way that causes the least anxiety for the patient. These first few minutes are critical to a child’s successful treatment. Often parents say the wrong thing to a child and inadvertently have the child focus on “shots” and “pulling’ teeth. We generally can get better early visit cooperation than parents can by explaining things in ways that reduces a child’s fears. We avoid the words needles, shots, tooth pulling, bleeding, hurt and pain when we are allowed to attempt early visit communication.

  • Children under 3 years of age

One Parent is allowed in for treatment visits and after x rays are obtained or attempted. Parent is also allowed in the treatment room throughout the treatment visit if the can be passive observers.

  • Children 12 & Over

We try to find out what the child’s preference is for parental presence. If the child and parent prefers for the parent to come into the treatment room the parent is allowed in after a few minutes of orientation and start of anesthesia procedures.

  • Hospital Outpatient Anesthesia Cases

Hospital policy does not allow parents in operating room.

** Sometimes the Dentist may have to modify the policy based on patient and parent cooperation.

**Parents who simply cannot follow the policy are welcome to seek second opinions or care at another practice.

Dental Appointment Policies

Because appointment time is LIMITED, we must have the cooperation of parents, guardians and caregivers to maximize our benefits to the community.  We expect to inform AT LEAST 24 Hours IN ADVANCE if an appointment cannot be kept so that time may be used for someone else.  If non-compliance with this requirement is repeated twice; services at this office will be placed on a 6 month wait list.

It is very important that you inform us if your child has been seen by another dentist or has been seen for dental care at the schools.  You will be held responsible for any non-payment due to duplication of procedures.

Parents please limit bringing additional children to our office that do not have appointments.  We do not have staff available to watch them.

You have the right to refuse allowing your child to have treatment under general anesthesia in the hospital.  Second opinions from any of our dentists or outside dentists are encouraged.